equity research vs investment banking: What Is IGNOU MBA in Investment Banking Equity Research? Guide 2023


B.Com.are preferred courses for an Equity Research Analyst career. In the career as Equity Research Analysts, individuals are usually hired in urban locations as most of these locations form the financial hub of the region. Equity Research Analyst jobs are permanent in nature. Aspirants can find Sell Side Equity Research and Buy Side Equity Research Analyst jobs through job portals such as naukri.in, LinkedIn and others. Yes, an Equity Research Analysts job requires travel every now and then as he/she is supposed to go and meet their clients on a regular basis.

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Depending upon what you choose to trade, you will be subjected from light to intense equity research vs investment banking on a daily basis. Only a financial modeler can enable this Department. Venturing into new businesses, geographies, products, tenders, work fronts will never see a decision by top management / board unless such ventures yield more than company specific internal benchmark returns, IRR or NPV. This necessarily requires the skill set to develop a financial model. Financial Modelling involves (but is not limited to!) Discounted Cash Flow analysis, Relative Valuation analysis , M&A and Accretion/Dilution models, LBO models, Football field analysis, etc.

Our years of experience in training, networking and human resourcing skills helps our students find exciting and challenging job opportunities. Our students get placements in reputed companies through a structured framework. Our MBA breaks down business valuation methods, financial modeling techniques, and financial analyst skills into digestible and comprehensible pieces of knowledge. And they will also give you placement in the best companies like but for this student needs to work hard because this institute also do a lot of hard work for students and believe me this institute is best. Financial Modelling and Investment Banking Course helps you to bridge the gap between academics and the job requirement. Our financial modelling training programs opens up the job opportunities in core finance profiles like Investment Banking, Equity Research & Project Financing.

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The Sell Side refers to firms that issue, sell, or trade securities, and includes investment banks, advisory firms, and corporations. After completion of 10+2 level of education in maths, accounts, economics, business studies or statistics, the students can opt forB.Com or BBA. There are no equity research analyst course in India currently but the following courses can also help an individual in making a career as an equity research analyst.

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It is one of the most demanding career that provides a good compensation. Equity Research Analysts spend around 70 or more hour per week. The quality of research is crucial in this career.

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For example, let’s assume that an asset management firm is looking for fresh investment opportunities. One day, the portfolio manager of the firm is approached by a top functionary at the investment banker of the electronics company mentioned above, and told about the factory expansion project. The investment banker tells the portfolio manager of an upcoming initial public offering for the project, and the portfolio manager decides to invest in the project by buying securities. The sell-side comprises professionals who represent companies that need to raise capital by selling securities. Sell-side institutions include investment banking and commercial banking firms, and sell-side individuals include stock brokers and market makers.

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Our training goes far beyond just technical expertise as we help our students with soft skills training & mock interviews to make them completely ready for their future jobs. Practical curriculum designed by industry professionals including case studies & live examples making for a comprehensive learning experience. Special segment of banking operation that helps organisations raise capital and provide financial consultancy services to them.


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The IB analysts spent a lot of time researching and analyzing company reports, performing due diligence, building Financial Models, performing Trading & Transaction Comps , M&A Accretion / Dilution Analysis. The analysts working in the Investment Banking department or research firms are responsible for analysis, valuation, due diligence, and research for various ongoing transactions. The over emphasis on modeling skills may be unwarranted but to dismiss it altogether might be oversimplifying estimation of valuations(although sometimes simplification is the need of the hour 😊 ) . Understanding and valuing businesses is a combination of narratives/stories and numbers. Would be interesting to know how you value businesses especially from the perspective of finding the right entry price.

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The programme also covers the tools and techniques necessary to optimise the risk-return framework across various asset classes. The roles of buy-side professionals involve managing clients’ assets; making investment decision ; ensuring the best risk-adjusted returns on capital; researching investment avenues; and performing financial evaluation and modeling. Buy-side professionals study sell-side recommendations and make investments based on their own analysis and company strategy.

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They work underneath financial managers and finally present them with suggestions about funding selections. One part of their job involves gathering all the information that they want in order to develop an entire picture of companies different options for investing money. The professionals in this field, are said to be the major decision makers of the industry. Their job is basically to conduct an extensive research on various financial deals, go ahead and be an intermediary between the deal makers and close the deals. They are said to add tremendous value to their firm, probably which is why they earn handsomely.

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One of the best parts of an equity research analytics career is its versatility and room for growth. Investment banks, institutions, and independent organizations all require the help of research analysts. After gaining some experience, they can also pursue advanced positions, such as a research team manager or investment portfolio manager. The typical day of an equity research analyst includes producing reports and recommendations on different investment opportunities. The reports can be quick updates or they can be in-depth analyses to show an investment’s current performance and its possible financial trajectory. Presentations, known as Pitch Books in the IB world, are simply the marketing document used by bankers for their client meetings.

As in many other careers, the salary and bonus depend on the position, company, city, and other factors. Buy-side professions get a performance bonus in the form of equity interest, or a fee plus commission as in hedge funds. Go through job listings on popular job portals and check out the requirements for getting entry into equity research jobs. Contact the recruiters and make sure your resume/cover letter reflects your financial report. MBA – Candidates who have an MBA from a top tier institute or any other institute can get in equity research through campus placements or external sources.

  • They produce research stories, projections, and recommendations concerning companies and stocks.
  • Yes, you must pass the OPENMAT exam in order to enrol in any IGNOU management course.
  • The course offers the right mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience of equity investing by providing a platform to replicate real-time trading activities.
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Equity research analysts’ job is to analyze the bits of financial information so that he or she can conduct analytic and strategic research. Research is a very vital part played by an equity research analyst. In order to meet several client needs, he or she provides support to the research teams of the organisation one is working for. The important skills on the buy-side are research; financial modeling, Excel skills (these three are common skills shared with the sell-side), raising capital, and achieving rates of risk-adjusted returns.